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Counselling Reviews and Feedback. Coaching Testimonials. Counsellor & Well-Being Coach Oksana Jeter. Find out if counselling is worth it.
Counselling Reviews and Coaching Testimonials. Counsellor & Well-Being Coach Oksana Jeter.

These are some of my dear clients’ thank you letters and reviews of our counselling and life coaching sessions they received. For the reasons of protecting clients’ privacy, all the personal details are removed from the reviews.

Clients’ Reviews on Counselling Support


Thank you so much for the support, kindness and compassion you have given me over the past months. You have been there for me at the very worst time in my life and despite the fact I cried all the time. I looked forward to our time together as it gave me the chance to let everything out, to be honest about how I was feeling. I will never be able to thank you enough for being there for me. Love, x

Oksana was very kind and friendly. She helped me through a very traumatic time after losing my much-loved Mum. Oksana covered a lot of ground with me, feelings of guilt, trauma and where I go from here. All valuable stuff and I feel a lot better. I feel able to get on with life now. I would like to thank Oksana for her kindness.

Oksana, I am very grateful that I had an opportunity to meet you, such a caring person, a good listener, a great mentor and a lovely human being. I felt so connected to you and without your support I would not be where I am now. I don’t have words to express my feeling of gratitude to you. I wish you the best of luck!

Dear Oksana,

Thank you for all you have helped me with over the past few months. I appreciate so much how you have provided me each week with the space to talk and focus on my situation and what I have been through. I’ve appreciated your questions, insights, challenges and knowledge and, of course, your listening. My journey along this path would have been different without our meeting and I think it would have been a slower and harder journey too. I wish you all the very best in the future. With love, x

Clients’ Testimonials on Life Coaching

I loved working with Oksana as a life coach.  As early as session 1, through Oksana’s questions, I was able to look at my problem from a different perspective and I gained some insights.  I could develop a better awareness of what triggers my unhealthy behaviour and what disservice I did to myself by unconsciously acting on those triggers.  Oksana was empathetic, a good listener and asked me questions that I had never asked myself before.  Session summaries and the programme were well organised and the exercises were useful.  I still have all the materials and I can look them up any time if I need to refresh my memory or motivation.

Oksana is a very positive and inspiring person.  As a result of our sessions, I have found the drive and power to work on my goal and mostly managed to change my unhealthy behaviour and create new healthy habits instead.  If I slip back to it I know it’s not the end of the world and I just need to get back to ‘being good’.  I feel a lot of energy now and I do use it on my new hobby that has become my side job recently.

The coaching was very very helpful. Lots of useful ideas, structure and insights! xx N.

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